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“An architect is the drawer of dreams”


Grace McGarvie

Dutch architectural company Stef van Akkeren Architects & Advisers (SVAA) works on projects of varying scale, from urban renewal to new structures, mostly in existing urban environments, but also in city expansion areas.

Our strength and quality lies within architectural design from A to Z. Both in the exterior and interior field.

We always keep our clients wishes and demands in mind throughout the process.

With this key element as reference we apply our knowledge, experience and creativity in your project.


The vision behind, and motivation of our work is to explore and use architecture as a medium to create inspiring work and living areas.

Joyful living is a creative and active process and we are deeply interested in the sustainable development of our society and our architecture. For us, sustainability is a synonym for beauty: a building that is harmonious in its design, structure, technique and use of materials, as well as with the location, the environment, the user, the socio-cultural context.

This, for us, is what defines its sustainable and aesthetic value.


Architects register: 1.890107.132



sv|AA’s clients include, or have included: Rabobank, The City of The Hague, VastNed and DUWO.

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